Start with a solid foundation.

Air & coil-over chassis.

Where it all begins...

The core identity of a vehicle begins with its chassis. At CB Chassis we know that it is essential to start with a strong foundation as it establishes the basis for your car or truck. Our goal is simple: create a chassis with the features, performance and craftsmanship of a custom chassis, while keeping costs and ease of assembly within reach of every enthusiast. Incorporating innovative construction techniques and a modular layout greatly simplifies the assembly process, allows for greater customization and provides the strength and rigidity for the most powerful of drivetrains. Explore the features and details that set a CB Chassis apart from the competition.

NOTE: Chassis shown powdercoated and assembled for display purposes. Chassis are shipped raw and unassembled.


Each chassis that we produce focuses on strength above all else. The construction details of individual components, the design of substructures and the integration of each piece with the next are scrutinized to ensure everything works in harmony as a complete system.

Our frame rail construction offers unparalleled strength and precision. Utilizing laser cut structural tubing and our specialized bending technique, we are able to maximize strength by keeping the frame tubing as a single piece and thus maintaining its structural integrity. This allows us to eliminate weak and unsightly mitered joints and maintain material corner thickness throughout the tubing cross section unlike corner welded rail sections. The visual appearance is similar to a mandrel bent rail without the necking created by the mandrel die.

Reinforced gusset plates have been integrated into the frame structure that double as a robust fastening location as well as reinforce any critical load areas. Additionally, all fastening areas feature sleeved bolt holes to eliminate tube deformation and combat fastener loosening. If that is not enough, all connections feature Grade 8 hardware with locking nuts that secure each component in multiple load planes. What this means is that you will never have to worry or question your chassis and its construction.

Compare the diminished material thickness and stress riser created in a corner welded frame section vs a full radius.

Frame rail bend radius retains structural integrity and visual appeal. Outer gusset plate for additional reinforcement.

Modular Construction

What sets the our chassis apart from others is its modular design. From the earliest inception we knew that everyone is not a master fabricator or possess the skills and tools necessary to build their own chassis. Furthermore, we realized that shipping a complete chassis is not only inconvenient and cumbersome, but also very expensive. The modular construction design of our chassis solves both of these issues as well as many more.

Frame components are designed to bolt together from the very beginning. Each attachment interface is engineered with that in mind, so there are no compromises in structural integrity or safety. In fact, we feel that it is actually a better and more reliable setup for the builder as problem welds and proper fit up are not a concern. The fact that components merely bolt together makes it easy and straight forward to assemble with simple hand tools.

The second benefit of the modular design is that the chassis does not require a huge, expensive shipping crate. The chassis is broken down and shipped in separate, compact and more manageable boxes. This means that your shipping costs are significantly reduced and delivery and offloading your chassis is much more accessible.

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